The Quantum Event

The Quantum Event

When:Friday 26th March 2021 2pm
Monday 29th March 2021 10am

Where: Yoga In The Vines

370 Talga Rd, Lovedale, NSW, 2325

Cost: Full price $3,200
Early bird sale $2,700
Food, accommodation and activities included.


About the event

Leave those 2020 stresses that no longer serve you at the door and enjoy a weekend of Mind, Body & Soul nourishment like never before! 


We have created an event that will support and nurture you on your weekend of transformation. Our aim is to support you in getting unstuck from where you are right now and help you find your more aligned and enlightened self. 

With over $5000 worth of value in this event package, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and lighter, reading to move through 2021 with clear visions and milestones that are easy to achieve and manifest.

With daily rituals that we will help you create long term, the weekend will be focused on all aspects of holistic wellness, facilitated by a diverse range of personal development experts and leaders in their field.



Based on a family farm, The Quantum Event at Yoga in the Vines is the retreat you’ve been waiting for! The beautiful venue with a pool and tennis court, sits on top of a hill, surrounded by the pristine Hunter Valley.

The accommodation at Sovereign Hill Country Lodge comprises of 2 person rooms, sharing with another person or friend. The air-conditioned room features a private patio overlooking the vineyard, a mini-fridge, tea/coffee maker and access to a communal kitchen and guest lounge that emphasises the feeling of community and togetherness which forms the basis of the weekend.

Onsite wholefood chef Nathan Copper has designed a nourishing menu for the weekend, ensuring that our bodies have everything they need whilst enjoying the activities and relaxation of the weekend, allowing us to move into our true selves.

Event schedule

2-4pm  Arrive at retreat/greeted with mocktail, fresh juice, light refreshment 

2-5pm Enjoy a hand massage or make your way to to the seated foot soak area, massage area or mini facial area.

5pm take a seat and be introduced to your Facilitator’s & then drive into your daily intentions.

6-8pm Wholesome plant based dinner served by on-site chef Nathan Cooper.

8pm “Free Time” Choose to either relax in your accommodation or reconnect with others on this same journey

6am  Start the day right with morning yoga & meditation with Shane Blackett.

7.30am Move your body with free dance with Shane Metcalfe.

8.30-8.45am Freshen up before breakfast

8.45am Breakfast served by om-site chef Nathan Cooper.

9.45am Will be divided into 2 groups for days activities. 

10am-12pm Group 1 -Healing session with christophe Blackwell.

Group 2 – Mind limitations and goals with laira wentworth.

12pm Board bus head of to Horsanity (Lunch will be provided on bus which has been prepared by Chef Nathan Cooper)

1.15-6pm Equine Learning and Development with Lynn Jenkin from Horsanity

6pm Dinner with the horses (catered)

7.15pm Board bus to make way back to Retreat

8.15pm Night cap for those wanting otherwise “Free Time”

6am Move your body with free dance with Shane Metcalfe.

7.30am yoga & meditation with Shane Blackett.

8.30-9am Freshen up before breakfast

9am Breakfast (Smoothie bar)

9.45am Will be divided into 2 groups for days activities. 

10am-12pm Group 1 -Healing session with christophe Blackwell.

Group 2 – Mind limitations and goals with laira wentworth.

12pm Lunch with on-site Chef Nathan Copper

1pm Group session with Kineziologist Angela Scibberas.

2pm Afternoon tea

2.30pm Toxic load talk with Lyndle Richards

3.15-4.15pm (One-on-one Sessions) Kineziology/NLP with Angela Scibberas & Lara Wentworth

4.15-5.15pm (Group 1/Group 2) Journaling, mini facials, Nails & Angel Readings

5.30pm Cooking class/Dinner

7-8pm Mini facials, nails, massage & meditation 

8pm  Retire to accommodation.

7am yoga & meditation with Shane Blackett.

8.30-9am Freshen up before breakfast

9am Breakfast (Smoothie bar)

9.30am Chat about the experience of the weekend

10am Good Byes 



Chris Blackwell
Chirs has dedicated his life to the development of consciousness and waking up the power within. He helps people embody their own gifts and potential through powerful energetic healings/clearing and activations. His 20 years of experience spans worldwide supporting those wanting to step into a new level of power, leadership and intuition as they themselves guide and support others with their gifts.
Lyndle Richards
Lyndle brings compassion and understanding to help you create the life you desire. She believes that all women who are living with physical symptoms of disease deserve to know who they truly are through healing suppressed patterns and emotions of the past. It is her mission to help women shed the light on what it is that stops them from achieving the life they truly desire.
Lara Wentworth
Wellness and Performance Coach
As a lawyer and mum, Lara was living in a state of burnout and anxiety for many years. Knowing something had to change, she decided to focus on wellness, mindset, resilience and being in control of her own mind. Lara studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and was fascinated by how people are run by programs that we have unconsciously installed. As an experienced Wellness and Performance Coach, Lara is here to help you overcome your limitations and enhance your strengths so you can believe and achieve results that align with your true potential.
Shane Metcalfe
Movement Specialist
Shane M is a lifelong movement lover, delving into timeless body wisdom & nourishing full-bodied movement. Shane helps people move with more freedom, balance, competence & rhythm, creating feel good hormones that calm the nervous system. Shane’s sessions fuse functional & intuitive movement with the technical & aesthetic roots of many dance styles. There is scope to explore the upper levels of skillful mastery to the subtle nuances of felt expression, moving for pleasure, play & purpose.
Angela Scibberas
As a Kinesiologist, Author, Speaker, Ethnomusicologist, Palliative Harpist, and more, Angela’s mission is to activate hearts, restore hope and unleash the magic of human potential to inspire on a personal and global level. She empowers human beings, assisting them to hone in on what is limiting them, what they are dealing with, and why it may be preventing them from achieving their goals, dreams, destiny and aspirations. Kinesiology is beneficial to uncover the underlying causes of the symptoms you may be dealing with. Begin a powerful journey to unlock the potential of your human blueprint.
Shane Blackett
Yoga and Meditation Instructor
Move your stagnant energy through a full spectrum of embodied movement with Shane. A holistic technique for all over strength, balance mobility with a deep connection to breath & moving with awareness from the inside out. Yoga/ Meditation With Shane with her owning yoga in the vines and taking her life on this journey to help you on your journey of self success. Shane’s teachings place a massive emphasis on the pleasure of movement as physical/emotional/spiritual nourishment.
Lynn Jenkin
Equine Therapy and Leadership skills offer mainstream approaches enriched the human-animal partnership, developing a pathway to the under-utilised know-how of instinct, intuition, sensory and extra-sensory awareness. Science may never be able to totally explain this wisdom but through the metaphor of the horse and through real-life interaction with these animals, shifts of consciousness are possible. Moving with creatures who have not been conditioned by human thought patterns can awaken intuition, creativity and communication skills through non-verbal body centred wisdom.
Nathan Cooper
Professional Chef
Nathan leads by example on how to have a happy, healthy mind, body and life. As a professional and qualified chef for the past 16 years, Nathan now leads the field in his thinking on food and how it affects both the mind and the body. He makes conscious choices towards the way he lives, prepares, cooks and eats food focusing on ways that heal the body and the mind. Food like everything else connects to energy, Nathan’s passion for plant-based foods will help you live the best life possible.