Winter solstice blend

Winter solstice blend


Face and body toning and protective blend made from herbs, fruits, leaves and flowers.



The plants that grown in autumn and winter are rich in:

  • vitamins: promote cell regeneration and stimulate the synthesis of col- lagen for toned and elastic skin;
  • flavonoids: strengthening and protective properties;
  • anthocyanins: anti-oxidant, protetive, anti-inflammatory action.
How to use
To reawaken the tissues and provide vitality and strength: make a decoction and apply it with a pack on cleansed face and/ or body or spray at a distance of about 30 cm or use in place of water to remove treatments.
Active ingredients

Winter Solstice Blend contains lemon balm, rosemary, thyme, cornflower, mallow, orange zest, peppermint. 100% from biodyamic, organic agriculture.

Does not contain
100% natural origin.
30 gr


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