100% plant-based eau de parfum.

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OWN WAY has aromatherapy and curative properties of plants contained in its exclusive blend. All essential oils, resins and botanical absolute essences encompass the unique imprint of the plants from which they come and their innate and powerful ability to affect emotions.
How to use
Spray onto clean, dry skin.
Active ingredients

Sicilian orange essential oil: it helps fight depres- sion and energy drops. It is ideal for reducing anxiety.Sage essential oil: allows emotional detach- ment of difficult, stressful or dissuasive situations in order to gain a better per- spective.

Myrtle essential oil: its fragrance supports correct breathing, clears up the chest and positively affects the spirit stressed by daily problems.

Lavender essential oil from biodynamic agriculture: it gives balance and serenity to mind and body. It relieves physical and mental tensions and helps fight stress and insomnia.

Thyme essential oil from biodynamic agriculture: it is a powerful toner, strengthens nerves and stimulates brain functions. It improves memo- ry and concentration.

Rosemery essential oil from biodynamic agriculture: it improves memory and prevents sleepiness and psychological and physical exhaustion. It instils courage and improves will.

Rock rose essential oil: it frees up from emo- tional vulnerability that create imbalan- ces. It gives courage to face life and the strength to restart without fearing risks.

Cedar wood: its warm reinvigorating and gentle fra- grance is ideal to fight stress. It increases inner strength, clarity of thought and selfconfidence.

Pink pepper essential oil: its delicate and pungent fragrance performs a revitalising and stimulating function to support the body, removing fatigue.

Vanilla absolute essence: vanilla essence has relaxing and soothing properties. It fights insomnia and calms nervous hunger.

Aquilaria Agollocha extract: a precious and fragrant resin that is formed on Aquilaria, also called “Tree of the gods”. Its intense, slightly sweet smell helps relax, removing stress and tension.

Alcohol from sugar barbabyethal: instead of traditional alcohol found in perfumes, we use pure alcohol derived from sugar barbabyethal.


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