Anti-yellow and illuminating bath with Biodynamic Dock, Organic Mullein and Ethical Date.

What is your personal shade of blonde? Learn “how to use the product”.

Golden blonde: it is a warm, multidimensional, precious blonde. Full of reflections, it catches the light and reproduces the unmistakable sun-kissed effect of those who like to spend a lot of time laying on the beach or surfing.

Platinum blonde: it is a type of blonde that certainly does not go unnoticed: glamorous and extreme, it is a true declaration of personality. A cold tone by definition, the routine for platinum blonde hair requires the complete neutralisation of yellow and golden reflections and an extra nourishment treatment for the hair fibre, which could be desensitised by the bleaching necessary to obtain this shade.

Lightening effects: this is not a total blonde, but a more moderate choice. Indeed, choosing highlights means illuminating your look without changing it completely. Even in this case however you need a specific routine that preserves the brightness of the reflections, protects the hair from excessive dryness, and avoids yellowing.

Caramel blond: halfway between chestnut and blonde, it is a mix perfect for those who feel like brunettes but also want to express their warm and luminous soul. The reflections of this shade of blonde turn towards gold and bronze, softening one’s features. This new shade should be protected against excessive changes in tone, preserving its warmth and brightness.

Grey blonde: it is the coldest and most fashionable version of blonde hair. Whether it is achieved through total bleaching or it is a natural grey, it is essential to neutralise the yellow tones and give light to the hair in order to bring out its silver reflections.

Purple blonde: it is a trendy and original choice with a strong personality: indeed, blonde hair with purple reflections does not go unnoticed but rather is the most fashionable shade of blonde you can find. With such a particular shade, a change in colour tone is frequent. This shade therefore needs a very accurate routine, which enhances and brightens the reflections and at the same time protects the hair from yellowing

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