We have dozens of clients in the Balmain area from new mums that can't get away from the house to young locals wanting personalised service and advice on the latest looks.

We understand how important your time is which is why, after 10 years in the industry working with top names like Toni and Guy, we’ve created a way for you to get top level salon style service in your home.

Our stylists have wide-ranging experience in a variety of hairdressing and styling services, and we’ve dedicated our business to bringing all of those services to you in the most convenient and comfortable way possible. Our stylists are active in the industry, so we know what’s hot and what isn’t—and we know how to choose a style that compliements you and everything that makes you unique— your face shape, your colouring, your lifestyle, your overall sense of style.

We love working in the Balmain area – as we'll often combine our visit with a mini shopping spree on Victoria Road (a girl needs accessories), a good coffee and something amazing from Adriano Zumbos.


Our services have been designed to ensure you get the salon experience and look you’re after in the most convenient way. Our head stylist, Lyndle Bryan, knows how to translate her experience into the mobile salon environment so that she’s able to deliver at-home services that are second to none.


We're perfect for busy people, mums or those people who just can't get to the salon. Now you can take advantage of the services of an experienced, professional hairdresser without leaving home.


We're a lot more than just regular hairdressers. Our skilled team are often working on shoots for TV, runway shows or events.

A lot of our work can be seen on other business websites – we've styled models for retailers, photographers and professional services which shows our ability to work with a diverse client base.

Balmain and Rozelle boast amazing waterfront views, incredible cafés and a great range of brand name shops and small independent brands. From the inside, these two suburbs are modern and relevant to Sydney and our ever changing culture. However on the outside there's that vintage charm that we have all grown to love.