Is Dry Shampoo Right For Me?

Had it with wet shampoo products which saddle you with a head of dry, lifeless hair after the fact? There are dry shampoos available which can cleanse your locks whilst boosting volume, protecting their style, and providing relief to those with easily irritated scalps.

Should you give this product a try? Dry shampoo might be for you if…

You want to use less shampoo

Most of us have grown up using wet shampoo whilst in the shower or bath. As accustomed as we may be to this routine, many products contain agents which dry out hair excessively. Further, they often provoke an aggressive response by glands in the scalp, resulting in overly greasy hair the day after.

At most, dry shampoo only needs to be applied twice per week – lacking sulfates, it sweeps away dirt without subjecting its users to the side effects of its wet counterparts.

Your scalp gets irritated easily

Some hair treatments, like those used to colour or lighten hair, contain chemicals which can irritate the scalp. If you are among this group, dry shampoo won’t just cleanse your locks, but it can also help to relieve unpleasant sensations caused by the aforementioned products.

Many salon-quality dry shampoos contain denatured alcohol as an ingredient: when applied to your scalp, it initiates an endothermic reaction, drawing heat away from it. This creates a cooling sensation, alleviating any irritation you may be suffering.

You want hair treatments to last longer

Ever spend a ton of money on a new, hot look, only to have it fade away days later? Unbelievably frustrating, isn’t it? Thankfully, dry shampoo can maintain the integrity of a blowout by sopping up oil as your scalp excretes it, and by discouraging dirt from getting a foothold in your hair.

This product can also help guard the vibrancy of recently coloured hair. Wet shampoos, no matter how gentle, will slowly strip away dye from your locks. By subbing in dry shampoo every other cleansing cycle, the rate of fading can be slowed significantly.

You want to give your locks a volume boost

Constantly coping with limp, thin hair can be a drag. Think you won’t ever have thick, voluptuous hair? By swapping out your wet shampoo for dry, you’ll be able to give your locks a boost. Sopping up oil as it is applied, it settles at the roots, boosting the volume of your hairstyle.

You lead a busy life

Perhaps you attend university and share a bathroom with several mates. Maybe your commute is extra-long, giving precious little time to get ready in the morning.

If you won’t be able to access the bathroom in time to make it to work or class, you can take a bottle of dry shampoo and use it to cleanse your hair in lieu of taking a shower.

While we certainly aren’t encouraging you to replace your normal showering habits, dry shampoo gives you a handy way to clean your hair when don’t have an extra second to spare.

Still on the fence?

Unsure whether this product is for you? Talk to one of our stylists about your needs, then ask them if dry shampoo would fit into your hair care regimen. If so, they’ll be able to recommend a product which stands a good chance of working well with your hair.