How To Make Curls Last Longer

Of all the styles which the straight-haired among us aspire, those with curls are usually among the most popular. While it is totally possible for straight hair to look smashing, curly hair is attention-grabbing by its very nature and is considered sexy by many men and women.

While tools and products exist to help make straight hair curly, many struggle to get theirs to hold position for more than a few fleeting hours. Are you in this club? Let’s get your locks looking the best they have in years.

Wash and blow dry your hair

Curls don’t hold well when you attempt to set them with dirty locks. By shampooing and conditioning your hair with quality salon-approved product, you’ll have light, clean hair which responds better to curling treatments.

After stepping out of the shower, blow drying your hair is the next step in the process. Don’t do it upright – instead, flip your head upside down and start from the roots and work your way out.

Using a diffuser will allow you concentrate the heat on select areas, so pick one up from a stylist in the Sydney area if you get the chance.

Apply structure-adding hair products

Once uniformly dry, apply styling product, as this will make it easier for curls to hold position. Start by laying down some heat treatment spray – don’t neglect this step, as repeated heat damage from irons can make your hair nearly impossible to work with.

Next, apply foundation products: this includes curling spray, setting spray, and mousse, as these will give your locks a rougher texture. This way, your curls will set in the style you want and will hold for longer.

Use a flat iron instead of a curling iron

This may not make sense but bear with us. While curling irons have been the weapon of choice for those seeking sexy curls for generations, a growing number of women have been making use of flat irons recently.

While most associate flat irons with straightening hair, they have started to utilise these tools to curl hair for two reasons.

First, ceramic heaters in flat irons go easier on hair than curling irons. The latter tool often lacks this protection, ultimately resulting in damaged hair which refuses to curl.

Secondly, flat irons give a greater degree of control over the curling process. This opens up a ton of possibilities, in the long run, making a great choice for the style conscious.

Lost on where to begin? Follow this quick tutorial, and you’ll be well on your way to creating intriguing curls your friends won’t be able to stop talking about.

Allow hot curls to cool

After crafting their curls, many think they are ready to hit town, only to be disappointed when they unravel just a few hours later. Avoid this embarrassing scenario by shoring them up until they cool.

Use some bobby pins to secure your curls, then check your phone or watch TV for 15 minutes while you wait for them to cool.

If you’re in a rush, though, grab your blow dryer, set it to the often-neglected cold mode, and expose your curls to a continual blast of room temperature air until all heat has dissipated.

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