How To Create Top Knots

From work to social engagements, we often feel pressured to look our best. Unfortunately, this can be an energy-consuming endeavour at the best of times.

On days when we can barely summon the will to get out of bed, it is important to have simple, straightforward ways of putting together a presentable front.

Our hair is one of the most noticeable aspects of our appearance – get it right, and other fashion/makeup miscues may be overlooked.

The top knot bun is one of the simplest hairstyles one can learn – in this article, we’ll run down the steps you’ll need to follow to master it.
Calm down your hair

Even on the best of mornings, your hair is often an unruly mess. As a result, you’ll need to tame your locks before you can do anything to them.

Grab some hair moisturiser or hairspray and give your dome a good spritzing. Doing so will whip any rebellious flyaways into shape and will supply nourishment while your strands are cooped up in the bun you are about to make.

Comb it back towards the crown of your head

Once you have gotten your locks into a more pliable state, take a brush and comb them back towards the crown of your head.

Once you have gotten it all in position, seize and hold your tresses whilst you secure them with a hair tie. This will create a ponytail which will serve as the foundation for our top knot bun.

Twist your ponytail and wrap it around the tie

After being satisfied with the ponytail you have created, grab and twist it, as this will make it easier to make a top knot bun.

Once you have done this, wind your twisted tail around the tie at its base. After the first revolution, take the remaining hair and tuck it underneath the bun.

Secure the bun with a bobby pin

Once you have secured your ponytail within the top knot bun, all that remains to be done is to lock it into place.

Grab a bobby pin from your dresser and use it to secure the bun – tuck what loose hair remains underneath it. If one doesn’t do the trick, feel free to use additional pins until you are satisfied with your top knot’s stability.

Try out other variations of this simple style

As easy as a top knot bun can be to make, there are other numerous variations which can be learned quickly once you have mastered the aforementioned hairstyle.

The messy top knot is a popular variant, as it makes use of most of the steps outlined above. The major difference between a conventional top knot and the messy version lies in skipping the hair straightening step and applying a sea salt spray at the start of the process.

Many who sport the messy top knot regularly also split their ponytail into halves, creating a bun with each. Be sure to tease the hair in your buns and apply hairspray to make the messiness stand out.

No idea how to do the top knot right?

Having trouble with any or all of the above? Get in touch with experienced hair professionals in Sydney and vicinity, and they’ll equip you with the skills you need to style your hair quickly and easily every morni