Healing with Nick- Meeting our True Self


About Nick – i’m an nlp trainer and communication coach mainly always wanted to be in the corporate world and then had a big spiritual awakening many years ago in majimba beach where i was told I wasa healer so ever since that day i’ve
just been expanding and expanding expanding to the
point where I now train other people to be healers in a modality called Pallowha which is a beautiful modality but i also
am a devotee of Sri nisak as well who wrote the book i am that and  i teach a very ancient meditation philosophy practice for enlightenment called vedanta which means the end of the vedas so that’s pretty much me in a nutshell i do a lot more than that sorry the vanders well it depends they’re they’re timeless so they were ridden by the gods.
In the Indian hindu philosophy thousands and thousands of years ago but they have no beginning and have no end and really when you look at the vedas like if you go back into that that structure of the vanders the vendasar all about ritual and sacrifice where towards the end of the vedas where vedanta  was brought in it was more around enlightenment and liberation or some people call it multi or moksha which is freedom, freedom from samsara which effectively is the cycle of karma and it depends you know there was everyone would know sri rama maharishi taught a differentversion which wasn’t aligned to anything but he taught self-inquiry and then you hadshri ramakrishna and swami vivekananda
who was his devotee and they taught a very similar thing but with some slight differences but they allin essence all the teachings say we are divine beings having a human experience and when we wash off all of the karma or the impressions memories and habits that we’ve had from this life then then we realise our true self that we are god.
divine goddess it’s all one it’s all one right it’s all the same and i think that’s like i love that concept because it’s embarking on this spiritual journey, it’s really understanding you.
meditate more and you open yourself upand you open up your channels that that information drops through you
and you just become that vessel and then you are one in the same
i’m not walking around thinking I’m good but  i understand that that energy is one in the same
from swami vivekananda when we talk about the self you know the  the liberated soul the yeah all those words god universe spirit paramahansa ishwara all those things he says swami vivekananda says you have to call it in and what i did on my journey discovered many many many books before I had the direct experience but one book
that I read i am discourses by saint Germaine it’s a beautiful book but in that book saint-germain channels
through stuff it was done in the 1930s.
I’ve sort of mixed it with swami vivekananda’s instruction to call in the self but the self can be called the “I am” presence or the i am-ness you know when Moses went to the burning bush the the bush caught fire and basically he said you know the bush said to Moses go down into the valley and save rescue all the Israelites bring them to me and Moses you imagine this shepherd and he’s looking up at this burning bush and he’s like who should i say is telling who who is
telling me this and he just said the bush said “I am” that, i am right and then and when you go back and hindu philosophies if you go back there’s a thing called with as many things there’s this thing called soham
which is invoking the “I am” presence but what they say is I am he i am
and there’s another one which is a very powerful mantra and it says i am brahman brahman in essence it means
you are the source of everything your presence comes before everything it’s omnipresent it will never die the only thing that fades away in this life anyway is the body.
The actual essence divine essence does not does not fade away it’s a moral omnipresence
close our eyes
Say out loud
 I mighty I  am presence come forth
 I mighty I  am presence come forth
 I mighty I  am presence come forth
Taking some deep breaths knowing that we’re all here for a reason whether we know it or not just by being here
means we’re ready to change so holding on to that energy wherever you feel it in your body wherever you sense it
just breathing -and with every breath you take just feeling more and more relaxed
Breathing and wiggling your toes just take that energy up-from your toes through your shins up through your legs
Just breathing resting and breathing and feeling the energy moved from your legs up through you into your stomach
feeling that energy feeling stronger now shifting breathing resting
and taking that feeling now through your stomach into your chest down through your shoulders and your arms
your hands and i don’t know what you feel more relaxed first your hands or your feetand just taking that feeling now
up through your neck into your mind feeling the energy all around you connecting with that which i am here i am this energy, ishwara, source, spirit  we’re all divine beings having a human experience after all
Just breathing taking some deep breaths with every breath you take just feeling more and more relaxed
and sitting there in that relaxation now.
imagine there’s a doorway in front of you ,a white doorway it’s perfectly safe we’ve journeyed here many many times
before samsara the cycle of karma of different lines and as you get close to that door that white door you can
feel the light behind it can’t you you can can you know and as you open that doorway feeling the light on your face
your body’s just warming up just ever so much it’s a beautiful light and as you step through the door now you stand there in all of the olden days you know those days don’t you the days where people lived in communities
they were there in the huts and as you look around as you look around now you see children playing perhaps of some bowling around them
because it’s beautiful and light the sun is there you can feel it on your face but you can feel a slight breeze through
your hair as well and as you look around at the children playing mothers are there with their children some are cooking
some are sewing some are teaching
as you start walking through the community people are looking at you
they’re back they’re back and they look at you with love because this special place this community is the divine oneness
they are you you are them you are the child
the child is you
the men you can hear the men working in the background
doing what they were doing for what they had to do at that time to provide for their family as the mothers and women other women of the village where they’re doing that as well everyone was working together for the one true source of everything and as you walk through you’ll see a little pathway that takes you through the village
you can just feel that love for them but for you as well ,and again you can just feel that warm light flowing all over you with every step you take and as you keep walking you see the birds and you hear the birds
you see some pets some cats laying in the sunshine but as you walk
through this path where you know that you are the cat and the cat is you
you are the bird and the bird is you because this is the place of oneness
of truth ultimate truth and as you keep walking through the pathway you find yourself moving into a beautiful vast space
beautiful there’s rice fields on one side
and there’s cows on the other you can hear the trickling
of water from a nearby stream that water knowing that that water nourishes everything there everything there the cows eat beautiful grass the rice grows into the most beautiful rice you could ever taste
or see or smell and that pathway keeps running through
those two vast spaces and you’re walking through feeling that sound feeling that love that oneness i am them and they are me non-duality just oneness
and as you get to the end of the pathway there’s a white gate you know those picket fences they used to have in the old days
and as you approach that gate
you open it up and you walk through
and as you walk through you can
see it’s different in this space
it’s brighter it’s lighter
you can see it you can feel it
you can hear the different energy in
this space
and as you walk through the gate feeling
and seeing and hearing
and having those beautiful thoughts
you see a tiny building
probably about 300 yards in front of you
or feet depending on whereabouts you are
in the world it’s a pure
white building
with those brown roof tiles on that they
used to have
in the old days it’s a beautiful
building the light is emanating
through it calling you
because you have been calling it
seeking seeking the self
seeking the answer to that question
who am i
and as you walk forward to that building
you can just feel the energy getting
you can see the light around the
getting brighter and brighter and
you can even hear the vibration of the
in this space there is
no thought and if there is thought it’s
love joy
and knowledge
bliss joy
and as you approach that building now
still feeling the warmth on your face
breeze in your hair
still hearing the birds
that’s right and as you enter
the building now
you see there’s a little place in the
with a chair there or a cushion
depending on how capable
you are are sitting in a yogic
meditative position
but whatever you need is there because
it’s your place it’s everybody’s place
because it’s the place of oneness
the essence of all life
and as you sit there in whatever
position you choose is comfortable for
you now
as you sit there
you have questions that need answering
don’t you
maybe it’s one question
maybe it’s several but whoever
is able to answer those questions
for you
is there with you now and i’m just gonna
leave you for
a couple of minutes to sit with
whatever you’re meant to sit with and to
whatever questions you are meant to ask
and thanking now
being grateful for this time for whatever messages or feelings or thoughts or visions or answers you received
just having gratitude for this time as you slowly get up knowing that some changes occurred
some message was given
some inspiration maybe
reconfirmation that there is a power so great within you that you are in fact the whole universe and as you get up from that space leaving that beautiful building just walking slowly now and just breathing just allowing all that to integrate
to  connect one connect connecting with everything
the birds the cat the cows the rice the grass
the trees the water walking up to that first gate name
and walking through and as you turn
around to shut the gate
you can sense and see the light you can
hear that vibration of that energy again
the energy of everything your energy
some people call it practi
some people call it planner
some people call it brahman
the source of all things that have ever been
and never will be and again
just walking along that pathway
seeing the birds this time but seeing
them from your true self
feeling their fun and their laughter
their song and their praise
feeling the cat there in the sunshine
a relative of the tiger no doubt
all that power within them
as you walk through and you walk back
through the village things are different
because the children the mothers
the teachers the workers
the whole village that one community
are on their knees bowing to you
because they know how brave it is or
how brave you have to be
to be a seeker
to question who they told you to be
challenging taking different pathways
different modalities different teachers
different books
yet seeking that direct experience
which can all be gained by asking
very simple question who
am i
and as you walk through and they’re
blessing you
but you bless them as well now
from the oneness of everything
bliss joy knowledge
satchit ananda
satchit ananda
the ultimate truth
the ultimate truth which leads us to
the same as we started out today is
we are divine beings having a human
and the more we wash away the maya
the illusion what this human existence
has led us to believe that we are
wash away the impressions the memories
the trauma the joy the happiness the
that they gave us the person they told
us to be once we
rid ourselves of all that illusion
then you will see your light shine
but you will also see it shine in others
because they are you and you and them
you know ram dash used to have a great
look at other people like their god in
because that’s what you are and as we
leave this place now
feeling lighter and brighter and
more patient knowing that things are
going to challenge us along the way
along this pathway because we each have
our own pathway but it’s all going to
the same place
we all come from because before
there was no nick there was no lindell
that was nothing there was just pure
spark brahman prama prakti whatever you
want to call it
god you know the universe
that is what we are and as you walk up
to that door now
you remember that white door and you
walk through that white door with this
new perspective
on what you can do should you
choose to do it
should you go on that journey of
discovering your true self
by asking who am i
stepping out of the maya of the illusion
and realizing the power within you
is so great it lights up the universe
because you
are the universe i’m walking through
that door now
knowing this and taking these messages
in this knowledge whatever you saw heard
from this brief little guided meditation
just being grateful for putting this
time aside for you today
shanti shanti shanti
just sitting there now
waiting for a little final touch of
with the singing balls
thank you thank you
i’ve just got these beautiful little
like affirmation cards that i just wanna
pull one today
so this one says you can transform your
whole day by loading just one word
inside your being
i want you to pick a word think it say
it feel it breathe it in
feel that word in your heart your mind
your gut your bones yourselves
that word has filled you up and will be
your guiding energy today
so i mean this is you know today and
every day of just
having an intention i think you know
being mindful that when you start your
day you have an intention when you go to
again like being grateful for all that
is and all the blessings that we
actually do have
i think we forget and this is a good one
i forget to do this
breathe sometimes
that’s this is all we need to do
significantly calm down the nervous
breathe into your belly and count to
seven and breathe out for seven
and repeat and do this over
and over until you stop at least seven
times a day
so my watch always tells me
stop and breathe you know the power of
breath how beautiful it is
well that was such a beautiful journey
thank you so much
my pleasure on breath though
just before we finish i’d just like to
share one thing because it’s interesting
you brought that up
so in my in my vedanta practice
which has been for many years now you
get words come through
from your spirit right from the true
self and it gives you these guardian
and this word kate came in through a
couple of weeks ago and it was um
pranayama pranayama pranayama pranayama
pranayama and i was like
i hate pranayama like you know
i i said i was like in my head i’m like
i prefer kapalabhati let me
let me do kapalabhakti right and i was
doing kibala bhakti and his word cake
coming through it’s like pranayama
pranayama pranayama pranayamas okay okay
i’ll do pranayama
and if anyone on the call has never done
do it because like the it’s changed my
whole i do it
first thing in the morning before i
meditate and lasting at night before i
and it calms the whole nervous system
the mind how do you do this so so
i’ll give you an example so the way i do
it which is the way um
i heard from swimming vivicananda was so
you hold your two fingers
and you it’s it’s alternative natural
breathing right
so you do four in and you hold for 16
and then you release for eight and then
4 in 16 and release and even if you do
that two to three times
always ending always ending on the right
nostril um
you do that three or four times it
like your whole being transforms and
everything just goes calm and if you do
that before a meditation
your meditation will be so much more
because it just the whole nervous system
is calm
and also now if anyone’s on the call and
knows about kundalini
this word may not be mispronounced but
forgive me i’m from bristol okay
so so the the word is
um it’s called something it’s the the
the fluid duct from the kundalini is
called samanshi
i think or something like that and what
pranayama does
it allows that you your sort of breath
and flow
and it allo
ws you to build over time
obviously you know it’s not going to
happen instantly
but over time in a regular practice you
you will learn and discover
that pure energy within you and it’s
just beautiful
i’m just wondering if it got answered ??
we need to reach out to like-minded
beings that oneness you know eckham
connect one connect we are all connected
because we are all the same
we’re all from the same source we’re
divine beings have a human experience
reach out you know don’t don’t suffer in
silence or get frustrated
send you lots of love and blessings
many blessings to you all