We know you have questions about our service. That’s why we’ve answered the most commonly asked queries below.

Online booking feature

This will allow you to book an artist in your area. We have worked tirelessly on this feature making it easier to book clients in your location for the service that you are after.

What if I want to book an artist that is out of my area? 

All artists are happy to travel all over Aus, however for singular services you may need to pay a flat fee. iI you have an artist in mind that you would love to use, simply email us at info@hblc.com.au and we can quote you and get it all locked in for you.

How can I pick a stylist that I’ve had before?

To get your preferred stylist, prebook on our booking system with them when you can, otherwise email us and we will book you in if they are not appearing on the booking system.

How do I get ready for my appointment?

For makeup appointments:

Please make sure you have a clean face free of any makeup and mascara! Please let your stylist know if you have any skin allergies so they can arrive properly prepared or if you are after a vegan makeup artist. 

For hair bookings:
2 shampoos and 1x condition or treatment mid lengths to ends, avoid root area.

Blowdrys: Please have freshly washed and clean, wet hair. Blow dry and Curls: Please have freshly washed and clean, wet hair.
Up styles: Please have clean, dry hair, preferably washed and blow-dried the day before, with minimal product
Ghd Curls: Please have clean, dry hair.

For spray tans:

Please make sure you are showered and have scrubbed off any previously applied tan. Please do not apply any moisturiser before your appointment. Moisturiser can be used after your spray tan to prolong the tan.

What do I need to do morning of my wedding, Dos and Dont’s

  • Tan at least a day to two days before 
  • Everyone getting hair styled on the day to have a wash and blow dry the day before, making sure hair is clean and oil free for best results.
  • Facials the week of is not recommended, start facial routine months in advance to get your skin in its best shape, we can help with this 
  • We recommend not to wax the week of or close to your wedding day as it can affect the way makeup sits on the skin or worst case you get a rash from the wax
  • All showered and teeth brushed before any hair or makeup commences on the day
  • Clean and dry faces 

Running late!

We understand that you are busy and you may be late to meet us at your location. Don’t worry! We allow a 15 minute grace period for you to arrive, however since our stylist time is also valuable, we charge the full 100% of your appointment cost if you exceed the 15 minute grace period. If you are running late, we’ll do our best to accommodate you if you text us 0412917461

How do I change or cancel my appointment?

We understand that things come up and you may need to change or cancel your appointment, no problem! If that happens, please keep our cancellation policy in mind:

Cancellations up to 24 hours before your appointment is charged at your total appointment cost. The reason for this is, artist often schedule their days around each of their appointments and turn away other work to look after you. As a small business last minute cancelations can result in significant loss of income.

Bridal booking cancelation or lesser numbers than booked for?

All bridal booking cancelation are NON REFUNDABLE deposits, and the week of your bridal booking if there are changes in numbers, you are still responsible to cover costs of the original booking number. 

I was allocated a stylist and I would prefer a different stylist, what do I do?

Give us a call or send us a message at info@hblc.com.au and we can check the availability of your preferred stylist.

How do I make the final payment?

HBLC is a convenient and cashless platform, this means deposit  are processed through our online app, you can see availability of artists in your location, offering the services you are after in REAL TIME , we are securing your booking with a deposit, the remainder of the payment is due at the time of your booking, to ensure that you are being charged for the correct service.

What happens after my booking is locked in?

Your stylist will call you 24 hours before your appointment to talk through the look you would like to achieve. For the best possible experience make sure your have a photo for visual reference available for your stylist.

I haven’t heard from my stylist yet, when will I hear from them?

Your stylist will be in touch before the date of your service however if you have missed the call from your stylist or are eager to get in touch sooner, please email  info@hblc.com.au

My plans have changed, can I amend the time of my booking?

We completely understand that things change! We will always do our best to amend the time of your booking, but as our stylists book out quite quickly it will depend on their availability. Please contact our team by email on info@hblc.com.au  as soon as possible.

I cancelled my booking, how long until I receive my refund?

We only allow cancellations and refunds to be returned before the 24hr cancelation period. We will manually refund your deposit amount, if you do not receive within 3 days please let us know by email info@hblc.com.au 

Please note all bridal deposits are non refundable.

Last minute bookings?

We will always try our best to find a stylist to fulfill your booking, but unfortunately with last minute bookings or those in more rural areas, there will not always be a stylist available. Please note, our stylists are predominantly located in metropolitan areas around Australia.

We are constantly growing our network of stylists all across Australia, however if your booking isn’t accepted, it will automatically time out after 60 minutes and no charge will be taken from your card.

Can I book over the phone?

HBLC are always here to help! However we do request most bookings be processed via our online booking App. Trust us, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a seamless booking process. However for larger group bookings we are happy to assist to ensure its all correct for you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept VISA and Mastercard, American Express . Please email us at the office if you have any payment queries info@hblc.com.au 

I’ve booked for a group but we need more/less stylists than allocated, No problem!
Email us at info@hblc.com.au  and we can discuss your needs and or changes, we are here to help and make your booking as simple and easy as possible.